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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Cone of Shame

Our German Shepherd puppy got neutered today.  He came out of the vet clinic wearing a huge plastic cone-shaped collar that covered his head.  He looked ridiculous.  He bumped into walls.  He bumped into furniture.  He crashed into the car trying to get in.  He was a mess.

When we got home, I took him into the back yard to do his business.  The two huskies next door came over and stared at him.  What humiliation!  The poor dog not only has a sore bottom, but he has to look like an idiot for two weeks, enduring ridicule from the animals next door.  And he can't even have a proper sniff.

My heart goes out for him, even if he is a big, dirty, smelly, obnoxious dog!   

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