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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mechanical Mama

"Honey, I need you to grab a torque wrench," my husband said as he tinkered on his motorcycle.

"Is this a torque wrench?" I asked pulling something that looked like a wrench out of his toolbox.

"No, that's a socket wrench."

"Oh."  I put the wrench back and tried again.  This time I was successful.

"Now I need you to take this hammer and tap on this part when I tell you."

"Okay," I said and waited for further instruction.

The instruction was given, and I started tapping.

"Excellent!" my husband exclaimed.  "You just installed an axle."

A minute later, my husband had another project.  "Here, " he said.  "Take this wrench and apply 10 to 20 pounds of pressure right here."  He showed me where.  I put all my weight on that thing.  I figured that should do it, since I'm a petite person. 

"Way to go!"  my husband said, clearly pleased with my performance.  "You helped me tighten the brake."

Wow.  I didn't know I had such talent.  Now I really hope it works!

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