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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Egg Story

Last weekend I boiled some eggs so that my kids could color them for Easter.  I thought I had boiled them long enough.  I turned off the stove and let them cool.  When they had cooled sufficiently, I put them back in the egg carton and placed them in the refrigerator.  I little while later, when my kids were ready to color them, I took them out.  They colored them beautiful shades of purple, pink, orange, yellow, and green.  When the dye dried, I put them back in the egg carton and placed them in the refrigerator once again.

The next day was Easter.  I had planned to make stuffed eggs with the colored Easter eggs.  I took the eggs out of the refrigerator and proceeded to crack the eggs.  Much to my surprise, I found the eggs appeared to have not been boiled enough.  I could see the yolk was still quite runny.  I checked all of the eggs, and they were all the same.  "Oh well,"  I thought.  "It's just another culinary malfunction."  I tossed the eggs and didn't think any more about it.

Today I was planning on making scrambled eggs for my family's breakfast.  I went into the refrigerator and pulled out the remaining carton of eggs.  I cracked an egg.  It didn't spill out as expected.  I took a closer look.  It was a hard boiled egg!  They were all hard boiled eggs!

Silly mommy!

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