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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Closet Club

"Mom, we're bored," my kids complained.

I gave them my usual response: "Then get creative."

An hour later I noticed that it was rather quiet in the house. That usually means that some kind of trouble is going on. I listened carefully to see if I could ascertain exactly where my kids were hiding.

I heard a scratching sound. It was coming from my son's bedroom. I went to investigate. The mess on the floor of his room looked like a hurricane had struck. Everything that had been neatly organized in the closet was now on the floor. I looked at the closet. The door was closed. On the door was a sign that read: "Cool Closet Club. Ages 6-10 only." I had a funny feeling that the kids were behind that door.

I knocked. "Um, excuse me, what's going on in there?"

The door slid open. My kids were sitting on the floor playing their Nintendo DSs. More signs were plastered on the wall inside the closet.

"Do you like our club?"

"Sure," I said, "Now who's going to clean this mess?"

"You are," they said.

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