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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Midnight Mario Madness

Happy New Year!

Did you stay up until midnight last night? My kids did. My husband did. Me? Not quite. It was close though. At around 9:00 PM, my son asked me to play Mario music on our keyboard. So I spent about a half hour searching for Mario sheet music online. After I found it I printed it out. I couldn't believe how many themes there were!

Then I went to the basement and began the Mario playing marathon. From about 9:45 PM to 11:22 PM, I was pounding out Mario music.

"Mommy, play the Star theme!"

"Mommy, play the Underwater theme."

"Now play the other Underwater theme."

"Mommy, play the Main theme!"

Oy gewalt! So at 11:23 PM I quite simply had had enough. I went upstairs where my daughter was watching Hannah Montana Forever, and decided it was time for me to retire. I was done with Mario and done with Hannah for 2010.

On to 2011.

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