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Monday, January 24, 2011


It was one hour before I was supposed to have guests over for a Pampered Chef Party. The house was clean. The kids were under control. The dog was under control.

I decided to chill the gingerale in the refrigerator before making the drinks. My refrigerator was a bit packed, but I still found a space for the two-liter bottle - on the edge of one of the shelves. I knew that it was precariously balanced, but I figured nobody else would be going in the refrigerator for the next hour.

I was wrong.

My dear husband decided to go on a cookie hunt. (He knew there would be cookies at the party.) He opened up the refrigerator. Of course, the two liter bottle tumbled right out, hit the floor, and exploded!

My husband was covered in gingerale. My floors were covered in gingerale. The walls were covered in gingerale. Even the ceiling was covered in gingerale. It was a catastrophic mess!

"WOMAN!!!" my husband bellowed. "YOU SABOTAGED ME!!!"

At that point I was just laughing so hard at the ridiculous situation. "And now you're going to laugh at me?' he continued. "You get to clean up this mess!!!"

I looked at the ceiling. I looked at the walls. I looked at the chairs and the countertops. Even the dog was covered in gingerale (which he apparently enjoyed, because he was licking it off of himself).

Five washes later, the floor is still a little sticky. The guests are coming though, so I guess that will have to do. I hope they don't mind a little stickiness!

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