Mama Diaries

Friday, January 21, 2011


I think I have turned into an icicle. Why? Because I have spent the entire day outside. It was a balmy 14 degrees in lovely Cincinnati.

The morning started with a shovelling of the driveway. It was 7 degrees and windy. After that, I spent time in the backyard with the dog (he wanted to go outside, that crazy mutt!). Then I had the brilliant idea to take my kids sledding. We spent the afternoon going up and down a rather steep hill. (It was actually a lot of fun - I hadn't been sledding since I was a kid.)

Then my daughter decided that she wanted to go door to door selling girl scout cookies. (She wants to sell 2000 boxes of cookies to earn the laptop computer, so I guess that means I'll be doing even more freezing!)

Two hours later, after the sun went down, I arrived back home. I looked at the thermometer: 9 degrees. My fingers are frozen. My cheeks are red. My chin is red. And of course my nose is red. I wonder if I will ever thaw out.


  1. Brrr! Good luck thawing out, Sherry! We're colder here in Oregon than last week, but that means 38 degrees!

  2. Over the last few weeks we've been stuck in the range minus 6 to plus 6 and I'm always frozen. That's in the UK btw. The sun shines but has no effect - even the hoar frost stays put!