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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spa Treatment

"Mom, I need an egg," my nine-year old daughter said.

"Why?" I countered.

"You'll see," she replied.

She cracked the egg and separated the yolk.

"Mom, how do you whip egg whites?"

I showed her my incredibly amazing egg white whipping technique.

"Mom, I need some lemon juice."


"You'll see."

She folded the lemon juice into the egg white concoction.

"Here Mom. Put this on your face."

"What? You have got to be kidding!" I said. "You put it on your face."

She did. Then she proceeded to walk around the house with the white egg concoction plastered on her face.

"But Mom, this is a fancy spa treatment. It's a skin tightening mask."
Then she showed me the "recipe" in her spa book. It really was a skin tightening mask.

I wonder if it can get rid of wrinkles.

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