Mama Diaries

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School

It was strangely quiet in the house today.  The kids went back to school.  My son just entered the first grade, so it was the first time I had a whole day without kids. 

So, when my kids came home they asked, "Were you bored, hanging out at home all by yourself?"

"Heck, no!" I said.  I proceeded to go down the entire list of things I did.

"Wow!"  they said.  They couldn't believe I actually had that much to keep me busy.

"Yeah, and this is all the stuff I usually try to do when you're home.  Pretty amazing, isn't it?"

I could tell that they were impressed.  Maybe now I'll get a little respect!


  1. Enjoy your quiet days alone. Lots of quiet time to write. : )

  2. Yes, I'm getting a lot of writing done!