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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rolling Along

My seven-year-old son isn't the best about cleaning up after himself.  For example, when he takes a bath, there's usually a dark ring around the tub and clothes left on the bathroom floor.  We've been trying to remind him to clean up so others don't have to deal with his slobbery.

This evening, after he had taken his bath, my daughter questioned him about whether or not he had cleaned up.

"Did you clean the bathtub?"

"I cleaned up my clothes."

"Did you clean the bathtub?"

"Well,  I didn't have time because I cleaned my clothes."

Then the daddy got in the game.  "So, is that a yes or no answer?"

"Um, no."

Then my husband turned to my daughter.  "Go clean the bathtub."

She and I looked at each other.

"What?"  I said.

My son grinned.  "That's how we roll."


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