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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wimpy Dog

We had been told that our ninety pound German Shepherd puppy was a wimp.  We didn't believe it.  He had to stay at a pet hotel while we went out of town last weekend.   Apparently he had some socializing problems when he wanted to play with the other dogs.  They were afraid of his enormous size, so they barked and growled at him.   He backed down and slinked off.

"What a wuss," the hotel workers said.

Today we saw the wuss in action.

We took him into our basement to sniff out a strange smell (he is a German Shepherd, and should be able to do that, right?)  The dummy had no clue.  He happily pranced around taking in the sights.  When we decided that the endeavor was futile, we brought him back upstairs.  Let me tell you how that worked out.

That dog was shaking.  He was absolutely terrified of those stairs!  My husband had to literally carry him up.

When he finally was at the top, we lavished him with praise and gave him treats.  Then he wagged his tail.  He was all proud of himself. 

How could such a big dog be a total wimp?     

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