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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Death March through Nature

Today I had the brilliant idea to take my 5 year old son on a nature walk to a vernal pond in a nature preserve. The goal was to find salamander eggs. It sounded good on paper. This was a three mile hike through moderately rough terrain. The little man did fairly well for about a quarter mile. Then he informed me he was too tired to walk anymore.

I really wanted to see those salamander eggs, so I carried the little man. We went up the hills, through the mud and finally got to the vernal swamp. Unfortunately we didn't see any salamander eggs (we saw pictures of them on a lovely wooden sign though). The good news is that we did see a frog. A real live frog!

And then I carried the little man back - another 1.5 miles while he giggled on my shoulders and messed my hair up so that I couldn't see a thing.

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