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Thursday, March 4, 2010


This morning my son informed me that he wanted to go to the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky. He said he wanted to see the penguins. I told him that wasn't in the budget, and besides, I was busy!

"But, Mom, I want to see the penguins!"

I sighed. Reluctantly, I went online to get information about the cost and directions on how to get there. I figured the Aquarium was at least educational - better than playing Mario Brothers on the Nintendo DS.

So off we headed for a forty minute car ride to the Aquarium. To make a long story short, I managed to get there, but I couldn't find the parking garage or any other place to park, and the lane I was in led right back over the bridge to Ohio. There I was lost in the middle of downtown Cincinnati. I was really mad! I did a lot of complaining and snapped at my son when he wanted to give me "hints" on how to find my way back to the Aquarium. Finally, I found some signs that directed me back to a familiar highway. I got on that highway and headed back home (actually we ended up at a playground first).

When my son saw that I was finally calmed down, and that we definitely were not going back to the Aquarium, he said, "That's all right mom. We can get the stuffed animal penguin at another store."

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