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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Paradigm Shift

Today was a bit of a rough day in my world. If you've read my previous posts, you know that my daughter was sick with strep. The good news is that she is feeling better. The bad news is that I am not. I've been fighting this for a few days now, but I'm getting worn down. My point is not to tell you about my ailments, but rather something mildly amusing.

My daughter was home today from school, because the rules state that she has to be on her medicine 24 hours before she could go back. So she was home, and feeling fine. Now my daughter is a very creative and imaginative person (I wonder who she gets that from). She decided to create a tea party in the loft for her dolls. She pulled out every quilt, blanket, towel, and sheet from our linen closet and made a lovely "set" for her tea party. Then she raided the refrigerator and brought out the raspberries and cheese. It was a delightful party. I asked her to clean it up when she was done.

Four hours later, after putting together two Indianna Jones Lego sets (300+ pieces), helping my daughter with her schoolwork, and having four loads of laundry heaped on my bedroom floor that needed to be folded, I glanced over at the loft. Was everything put away? Of course not. The cheese was looking pretty disgusting by that time.

I said, "What a mess!"
My son said, "What a beautiful Wonder Land!"

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