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Monday, March 29, 2010

Rock Star

My daughter has wanted to be a rock star since she was five years old. Yesterday we had the opportunity to see what that was all about. We went to the Taylor Swift concert at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati. This was a first concert for both of us. The sound was deafening. We had earplugs, but even then, it was too loud. My daughter actually sat in her seat with tears streaming down her face as the opening band played. Taylor Swift was pretty good (although I actually preferred the opener, Kellie Pickler). My daughter enjoyed seeing her, but commented that her wild hair-swinging was a bit much (my neck hurt just watching Taylor whip her hair around).

After the concert, I asked my daughter if she still wanted to be a rock star. The answer was a definite "No!" She didn't like the loudness, and she didn't like the crowds.

Maybe she'll be a doctor.

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