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Sunday, March 21, 2010


This morning my eight -year-old daughter announced that she wanted to go on a diet. I could not believe my ears! This girl doesn't have a pound to lose. I don't either, so this definitely wasn't something she picked up from me. "Why in the world do you think you need to go on a diet?" I asked.

"I need to lose weight," she said.
"Where?" I countered.
"Exactly! You don't have to go on a diet!' I said.
"But mom, my friend is on a diet."
I asked who this friend was. That girl didn't need to go on a diet either! I just don't get this. Eight years old and worried about diets already.

I just told my daughter to eat healthy and exercise. You don't need to "diet" if you take care of yourself. What a crazy society we live in!

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