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Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fool

Yes, I know. Today is not April Fools Day. I thought I wouldn't have anything to report other than, "Mommy, you have a spider on your back." I didn't exactly fall for that one. Boy, was I wrong!

Last night, tired after a long day, I walked into my bedroom. My bed looked a little odd. There was a roll at the foot of my bed that went all the way across under my comforter. I took off the decorative pillows and rolled back the comforter. Do you know what those little imps did? They removed my bedding all the way down to the mattress and rolled it to the foot of the bed.

If they weren't already tucked in for the night, I would've made them fix it! I guess I need to watch them closely on future April Fools Days!

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