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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crazy Hair Day

Did you know that today was "Crazy Hair Day?" I didn't until my daughter came downstairs in the morning with her hair in some crazy style I had never seen before.

"How do you like my hair?" she asked as she pranced around the kitchen.

"Um." I didn't know what I should say. "It's interesting."

"It's crazy hair day!" she announced. "Come on, Bubba," she said to my son, "It's your turn for a crazy hairdo."

Ten minutes later, my little man came out with what resembled a mohawk, only it smelled like a strange mix of shampoo and hairspray.

Then it was my turn. As I lay on the floor playing with wooden blocks, my daughter started styling my hair. When she was done, I hardly recognized myself.

"What a cute little baby," my daughter said.

I quickly got up and looked in a mirror. I had cute little pony tails sticking up all over my head.

My son started crying. "I want my mommy back!"

I quickly pulled out the pony tails. "Ta Da!" I exclaimed. "Here I am!"

And that is the story of Crazy Hair Day.

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