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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Octopus Mom

Moms need to have more than two arms. Today I took my kids to a lovely flower show. There were a lot of activities for them to do. They planted tomatoes, made basket gardens, and painted pet rocks. By the time they were done, I found myself carrying two tomato plants, two Mr. Grass heads, two pet rocks (with wet paint), two window gardens, two fairy wands, two butterflies on a stick, two basket gardens, two fairy dust packets, two beechnut trees, and two pictures of my kids dressed up as an astronaut and rock star. All of this was piled in my arms. It was quite a sight! Fortunately a worker saw me and took pity on my situation. She provided a lovely orange cloth bag in which I could place my treasures.

The person who invented bags was a genious. I bet she was a mom !

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