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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pickle Cravings

I know - you're probably thinking that I have some big announcement to make about a new kid on the way. Why else would I be talking about pickle cravings?

I'm not the one who has been having pickle cravings. My son has.

For about a week now, he has been asking me everyday for pickles. "I love pickles!' he'd exclaim. "I really love pickles!" On and on he'd talk about pickles. I had asked him why he suddenly developed a fondness for pickles. I can't even recall a time he'd had one. Every time we go to McDonalds, he'd take the pickles off.

Today when we went grocery shopping, he again asked for pickles. All the way through the store it was, "Mommy, don't forget the pickles!" So I broke down and bought those sweet bread and butter kind. At least those are somewhat palatable.

When we got home my little guy announced that he wanted to make a Crabby Patty. Aha! It was all about making an official SpongeBob Crabby Patty! So we got out the pickles, and the lettuce, and the ketchup, and cut the bread into circles so that he could make a Crabby Patty. It was a fantastic Crabby Patty, complete with ketchup smiley face and pickle eyeballs.

I'm so glad we got pickles!

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