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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mr. Clean

A little background information to start: My son is the messiest kid on the planet. He is constantly covered with grime, dirt and the remains of his last snack/meal . Today we went to an indoor playground which is also a showroom for swing sets and play equipment. It just so happened that one of the playsets was recently sold and removed from the play area. My son went over to inspect the spot. Two-years worth of dust was what remained. He gazed down at the dust pile thoughtfully. Then he marched over to the manager who was standing nearby.

"Excuse me sir," began my little man with purple icing on his T-shirt, "Could you please get some dusting tools to clean that pile over there?"

The manager looked down at my little guy and busted out laughing.

(What can I say? At least he was polite.)

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