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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mud Bath

This week, my daughter has been enjoying a pony camp over her spring break. It's on a very nice farm, complete with mud and swamp-like puddles. My son tagged along today when I dropped my daughter off. He wanted to see the ponies. He did not, however, want to get muddy. (Go figure - he's the dirtiest kid on the planet.)

"Mommy, please carry me. I don't want to get my nice shoes muddy."

I sighed and picked up my fifty pound sack of potatoes.

After playing with the ponies, it was time to return to the car. I lifted him again and carried him back to the car. That's when he spied the big swamp puddle with log paths cutting through it.

"Mommy, put me down! I want to walk on the logs."

"You're going to get muddy!" I cautioned.

"No I won't!"

So what did he do? Walked on the log, which promptly tipped and sent him into the muddy swamp puddle.

So much for staying clean.

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