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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bad Dogs

Yep.  It's time for another dog story.  This time, you get a bonus, because there are two bad dogs in this one.  The first is of course, my wonderful German Shepherd.  The second is our notorious neighboring Husky.  You know,  the one who sliced my dog's ear when he was a puppy, and the one who recently came into our yard and killed a cat. 

Apparently the Husky dog really wanted to play with my dog.  After the cat incident, our neighbor "secured" the boundry by adding huge boulders along the fenceline.  You'd think that would stop the varmint from crossing the border.  Nope.

My daughter came running into the house.  "Mommy, the Husky is in our yard.  He jumped over the fence!"

"Are you kidding?  That thing is like five feet high!"

She wasn't kidding.  The Husky was in our yard "playing" with our German Shepherd. 

Those boys were a little on the wild side.  It looked like they were killing each other, but their tails were wagging, so I guess it was okay.

We notified the neighbor, and he came and got his beast.

End of that story.

Next story:  I put dinner out on the kitchen table.  I turned my back, and the next thing I knew, was that my big old German Shepherd had his paws up on the table.  He had wolfed down an entire piece of fish, and was slurping up milk from my daughter's glass.


He licked his chops an gave me one of his soulful looks.


Banished again.

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