Mama Diaries

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hot Chic

My seven-year-old son and I took a little trip to Kohls.  As we checked out, my little guy decided to strike up a conversation with the cashier about how to tie shoes.  She listened very patiently and giggled at his funny antics.

When we left the store, he said, "She's a hot chic."

I looked at him.  "Okay."

"Can I date her?"

"No.  You're too young to date."

"How old do I have to be?"


"How old will she be?"

"Probably about forty."

"Then she better start using that cream that prevents wrinkles so she doesn't look too old when I'm ready to ask her out."


  1. Sherry, the things that come out of the mouths of our children. Your son is to cute. LOL!

  2. He definitely is a character!