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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cup Rocket

Let me just begin where I left off.  I was attempting to fix the streamers, balloons, and doorway decorations for my daughter's birthday party that my lovely dog tore down.

In my haste, I accidently whacked the side of my head into a door.  That hurt big time!  I think my brain rattled around in my skull from that one.  So now I have a lovely bump.  Not having time to ice it, I carried on repairing the damages.

Then it was time for the chocolate fountain.  This was a special request.  I melted the chocolate on the stove.  When it was done, I attempted to pour it into the fountain.  But the darn pot was really heavy.  I ended up spilling quite a bit on the counter, which ended up dripping on the floor.  What a mess!  More work for the Mommy.

While I was in the middle of cleaning up, my seven-year-old son decided to create an engineering project.

He had gathered quite a collection of plastic cups.  In addition he had a pair of scissors and masking tape. 

"Mama, can you hold this?" he asked, balancing a bunch of cups to form a tower.

"Buddy, do you have to do this now?  Mommy is really busy!"

I quickly cleaned up the mess, aware that the egg on my head was growing bigger.

"Mommy, please!"

I sighed and held his cup tower while he taped it together.

"Thanks.   Now can you hold it here?"

I did , and he taped some more.

When he was done, he had a nice replica of a rocket.

"Am I a good rocket engineer?"

"Yes, but your timing has a lot to be desired! "

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