Mama Diaries

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sqwak Box

Usually, you don't get to hear about our pet parakeet.  She's what I call, the "good pet."  (The dog is what I call, the "bad pet.")

Today, Miss Sunshine must've needed some attention.  She wouldn't stop sqwaking.

I was sitting at the kitchen table trying to rewrite a manuscript I've been working on.


"Hey, bird.  Can't you see I'm trying to write here?"

"SQWAK!  Tweet, Tweet, Tweet, SQWAK!"

"What do you want?"


Meanwhile, the dog was trying to take a nap.


"Awrooooo," complained the dog.

"Yeah, I agree."


Some days I think I live in a zoo!


  1. A sqwaking bird might make for an interesting character in a book. Just a thought.
    : )

  2. Funny you should say that! I'm in the middle of writing a new picture book, and one of the characters is...a skwaking bird!