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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Man in the Moon

Last night we got out the telescope to do a little stargazing.  The moon was nearly full, so we decided to focus on that.

"Mom, check out those craters!" my son said.

I did.  It was pretty cool how along the outer edges of the moon, you could get a sense of the depth of the craters.  It was like looking at the moon in 3-D.

My son looked again.  "I thought there was a man in the moon.  I don't see him."

"Maybe he's on the other side."

"Why would he be on the other side?"

"Maybe he needs a nap.  It's kind of hard to sleep when the sun is shining on your face."

He thought about that.

"Yeah, I guess even the moon needs to sleep."  

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