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Friday, October 21, 2011

Mr. Manners

No, I'm not talking about my German Shepherd.  He has no manners whatsoever.  I'm talking about my seven-year-old son.

The poor kid came home from school with a sore throat and fever.  He didn't look too good, so I thought it would be best to take him in to see the doctor.  I suspected strep throat.

We went to the doctor's office, and the little guy struck up a conversation.

"Hello.  How has your morning been going?"

The receptionist looked over the counter to see just who was asking about her morning. 

"Well, how do you like that," she said.  "We very rarely get little people asking about our mornings.  My morning has gone well.  Thank you for asking."

Then we were escorted into another room to await the doctor.  When he came in, the doctor introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you , sir," my son said.

The doctor was impressed.

My little man did indeed have strep throat. 

As we left with our prescription, Mr. Manners called over his shoulder, "Have a nice day, everyone."

Wow.  If only I could be so pleasant when I'm feeling so awful!


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