Mama Diaries

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Contraption

My son loves to come up with unusual creations. Today's was rather interesting. He found a long stick, a rope, and some sort of metal ring thing that was about 18 inches in diameter. He tied the rope to the stick, then attached that to the ring. "What the heck is that?" I asked. "You'll see." A few minutes later, his buddy came by. "Here, hold this," my son said, giving him the stick end. My son put himself in the center of the ring. "I'm a horse," he announced. The two boys ran around the yard. The buddy was the driver, and my son was the horse. After a while, they got tired of that game. The buddy decided to turn it into a fishing pole. He cast the line and caught some imaginary fish. Soon, they dropped that thing and headed off to do whatever boys do. Enter the dog. He got a hold of that contraption in his big mouth and started swinging the stick around. He thrashed this way and that. It was scary. "Oh, I get it Schultz. You think it's a weapon of mass destruction!" Only Schultz would come up with such a thing!


  1. Hehehe! Leave it to the dog to make it a weapon!

  2. Haha! I can just picture him swinging that stick. We had a dog who used to catch snakes and swing them around just like that. LOL

    1. I'm sure that will be next. (I just found a snake today in my strawberry patch. If Schultz finds it, I'm sure that's exactly what he'll do with it!)

  3. LOL what fun Schultz could have swinging that around in the house.

  4. I love the word "contraption"... it comes in handy to identify all sorts of thingiemajiggies that remain nameless...
    I think Schultz felt a bit cheated that the boys paid so much attention to it... LOL!

  5. good job.join us