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Friday, June 24, 2011

Death of the Pig

While I was away (I've been gone for about a week, in case you didn't notice), my husband was in charge of our German Shepherd, who I affectionately call, The Beast.  The Beast is a most destructive character.  My husband made the mistake of letting him roam around the house without a leash.

The Beast found our footstool pig.  Several years ago, my husband bought this thing from our neighbor's garage sale.  It was a most preposterous thing, but it soon became a well-loved part of the family.  Well, the dog decided to chew off its eyeballs.

I came home and found an eyeless pig with a broken leg .  It was a sad sight.  The dog of course, was banished to his crate.  Again.

(We did find a good use for the dog, though.  We found that he has a talent for catching and killing flies.  So I guess we'll keep him.)

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