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Monday, June 13, 2011

Tire Trouble

Today was my daughter's big dance recital.  We were all very excited about that .... until we went outside to get in my car. 

My car did not look so good.  One of the tires was noticably deflated. 

"Gosh darn it!" I exclaimed.  I went over to have a closer look.  That's when I saw it - a big silver nail stuck in my tire.

"I don't believe this!"

Fortunately my husband came to the rescue.  He got out the air compressor, and filled the tire.  Then he drove the car to Firestone.  They said they couldn't patch it, so he got a new tire.  Then he brought the car back and we all piled in to go to the recital.  We made it just in time!

I knew my husband was good for something!  (Actually, he's quite wonderful - he's good for a lot of things!)  Kudos to my husband for saving the day!


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