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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Terrorizing Creatures

I'm not sure about which to tell you first - my son terrorizing chickens, or my dog terrorizing our frog.  Let's start with the dog.

The beast has been very bad.  I supposed that's nothing new.  Today's big adventure, after dragging the hose container around the backyard (with the hose in it), involved our pet African clawed frog.  The gosh darn dog charged up the stairs to where the frog tank was.  I think he wanted a bath, but since the tub wasn't full, he went for the next best thing -the frog's aquarium.  He flicked off the lid with his big nose and stuck his face in the water.  He would've flipped the whole thing if I didn't grab him by the scruff and haul him out of there!  I think the frog must have had a heart attack.  He was swimming a little crazy in there after that incident!

Then there's my son.  We went to a local farm as part of our summer adventures.  My son spotted some roosters strutting around and decided he wanted to bother them.  He flapped his chicken wings and clucked after the roosters.  The roosters ran at the sight of such a ridiculous creature.  My son chased them around the barn and landed flat on his face when he slipped on a patch of gravel.

What a goof ball.  And all of this happened when it was 97 degrees outside.  Oy gewalt!     

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