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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Foam Fun

My daughter had a dance performance at a local berry festival.  The atmosphere was  very carnival-like.  There were rides, and concession stands, and vendors of all sorts.  The hi-light was a bubble pool.  A machine cranked out sudsy foam and poured it into a giant pool.  Kids could run around in it  and get covered in bubbles/foam or whatever it was.

The dance team was up on the stage getting ready to perform when a big gust of wind blew the foam all the way over to the stage.  The girls went crazy.  They were screaming.  They were laughing.  They were acting like a bunch of nutcases.

We managed to calm them down, but after the performance, guess what they did?  They changed out of their costumes and headed into the foam pool.

They were covered from head to toe in white suds.  It was quite a sight.  I think it was the best two dollars I had ever spent.

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