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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Haunted Home

No, I'm not talking about my home.  I'm talking about a nursing home where my daughter had a dance performance.  I'm telling you, this place looked gothic.  We pulled down a long tree-lined drive.  A cemetary was on the left side.  It creeped my daughter out.  Then we saw the building.  It looked just like a haunted mansion.

"Do I have to dance there?"  she asked.

"Yep.  Maybe you'll be dancing for some ghosts."

We walked up the steps and entered the building.  It was dark. 

"Where do we go?" my daughter asked.

One of the ghost residents answered the question.  "Go downstairs to the theater."

Okay.  We went downstairs to the theater.  It was dark down there too.  We tried turning on some lights, but the lights didn't work.  Then we looked at the stage.  It was covered with dust and cobwebs.  It didn't smell too great either.  We thought about using our hairspray as a room deodorizer.

"Ewww, do we have to dance there?"

"Ummm....let's see if we can find a broom."

Another mom found a broom and started sweeping.

Meanwhile another dancer entered the theater.  "This place is creeping me out!" she exclaimed. 

Yeah.  It was pretty scary.  I think the place was an old convent or something.

Anyway, the girls did a great job and the ghost residents really enjoyed the show.  Maybe we'll go back for Halloween.

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