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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Marker Boy

Before I tell you this story, I'll finish yesterday's story.  Here's the recap:  I tried to take my daughter to a slumber party, but got terribly lost.  It looked like she wasn't going to attend.  After I finished teaching violin lessons, the mom called and gave the correct directions to the party.  These, of course were nothing like the directions that were given on Mapquest.  My daughter did get to the party - two hours late.  She had a great time.  So that story ended well.

Now here's the next story:  A couple of weeks ago, my son was grounded.  He had to spend several days in his room.  Somehow he managed to get a hold of a permanent marker.  He started drawing on all his stuffed animals, drawers, decorations, and bedding.  (This was not what he was grounded for.  This is what he did while he was grounded!)

Needless to say, I was not very happy!  I got the magic eraser out and scrubbed.   I thought I had gotten everything.  Then today, I discovered the inside of his closet.  He had traced his hand on the walls of the closet, and there were "handprints"  all over the walls. 

Ugh!  Now you know why this mama is a grouch! 

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