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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Musician's Report from the Trenches

Okay, so this has nothing at all to do with being a Mom, but I thought you might still be interested.  This has to do with my career as a musician.  We musicians have a lot of stories to tell about performances - things that go on that the audience is completely unaware of.  Yet the show must go on.

Here's today's story.  I had to play for an outdoor wedding at Coney Island.  If you recall, the rehearsal was a couple of days ago, and I was sweating like crazy.  Today it was ten degrees cooler - only 85 degrees.  Yeah - it was still hot.

I set up my music on my stand and began playing.  Apparently, the bugs must have enjoyed my playing.  A little brown spider walked across my music the entire time.  I even shooed him off, but he made a little web and crawled back up.  A cute little lightening bug also crawled around on my stand the entire time.  I couldn't get rid of him either.  Then  there was the fruit fly.  That darn thing wouldn't stop going up my nose.  Do you know how difficult it is to play the violin when there's a bug crawling around inside your nose?

Yes, that's what was going on.  But nobody knew it.  They just thought the music was lovely.  Such is the life of a musician.

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