Mama Diaries

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fashion Designer

"Mom," my ten-year-old daughter said.  "I'm going to be part of a fashion designing company with  my friend.  We're going to make dresses."

"That's nice," I said.  "Does one of you know how to sew?"

"Yeah, remember, you took me to that pillow case sewing class at JoAnn Fabric."

"That's a lot different than creating patterns and sewing."

"I have a sewing machine.  I'll figure it out.  Do you want to see my designs?"

I nodded.  She showed me her notebook.

"This is a cloud dress.  And this is a snake dress.  And this one here is a fish dress."

"Hmmm.  Interesting," I said.

"They're modeled after Lady Gaga."

That explained it. (Actually, they were pretty good.)

So I have a tween who wants to be a rock star and who likes Lady Gaga fashion.

I think I'm in trouble!


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