Mama Diaries

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Psycho Dog

I'm beginning to think our 14 month old German Shepherd has some mental problems.

He spent over an hour staring at a reflection on the grass caused by a plastic bird feeder.  And it wasn't like he was just lying on the ground looking at it.  He was in full pounce mode.  Whenever a breeze came, the reflection moved.  He was right on it.

"Dog, what are you doing?" I didn't expect and answer, but I thought I might break his hypnotic train of thought. 

He didn't even look at me.

My daughter tried.  "Schultzey Wultzey...Come to sissy!"

His eyeballs stayed glued to the reflection.

What a goofball!  Finally, after about an hour and twenty minutes, he let out a very long mournful howl. (I didn't know German Shepherds did that, either.)   The reflection was just too much for his little brain to handle.

(Anybody know a good dog shrink?  I may need to find him some professional help.)


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  2. Hi Marsha,
    Stop back here on November 14th. That's my day to give away a free picture book for the tour.