Mama Diaries

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Tooth Fairy is Fired

The tooth fairy has not exactly done a stellar job at our house.  She seems to be a little absent-minded.  I really don't know what her problem is.  But my kids are sick of her shoddy work habits.

Last night, my daughter was chomping on a piece of halloween candy.  Out popped a tooth.

"Oh look," she said.  "Another job for the tooth fairy!"

She put it in the special tooth fairy pouch and hung it on her door.  (She likes to make things easy for the tooth fairy.)  "Now remember, mom, the tooth fairy is supposed to come tonight."

"Yeah, okay," I said. 

Fast forward to today.

"Mom!" my daughter said.  "The tooth fairy didn't come!"


"Well, maybe the tooth fairy got scared because of all the monsters and ghosts running around last night."

My daughter gave me a funny look.

"Or maybe she was just super busy because lots of kids lost teeth chewing on caramels," I reasoned.

"Mom," my daughter said.  "The tooth fairy is fired."

Uh, oh.


  1. Update: The tooth fairy redeemed herself last night. She's back on the job.