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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Smokin' Turkey

What's a holiday without a little excitement?  Pretty boring, I'd say.  Thanksgiving at my house this year was definitely exciting.  We smoked everybody out.  Yep.  We were roasting the big bird in the oven at about 500 degrees.  There must've been some grime in the oven, because suddenly, there was an awful lot of smoke pouring out of that thing.

All of the fire alarms in the house went off.  It was mass pandemonium. The house filled with smoke. The dog was freaking out.  Everyone was covering their ears.  I was trying to open the windows and stop the alarms.  Do you know what it's like trying to disconnect smoke alarms when they're shrieking in that high-pitched beep?  Oy!

My ears are still ringing from that. (I let the dog out, but I think his ears are ringing, too.)

The good news is that the house didn't burn down, and the turkey tasted pretty good.

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