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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Osage Orange Ball

My son had a cub scout hike today at a local park.  When we arrived at the location, we found some mighty strange round things on the ground.

My son picked up one of the yellowish-greenish brain ball-looking things and asked what it was.

"An osage orange," said the troop leader. "They're from the thorny osage tree.  And did you know the Indians who used to live here, used the thorns as needles for sewing mocassins?"

Pretty cool info.

I'm not sure the cub scouts cared about what tree it came from, but they did think that it looked like a rather nice soccer ball, so they started kicking it around.  Unfortunately, the boys got a little rowdy, and ended up knocking over my son.

"Ow!" he said.  "I have a contusion.  Please get a gurney!"

Huh?  Where did my seven-year-old pick up language like that?

Anyway, I patched him up with my first aid kit and he was good to go for the hike.

Afterwards we had to bring home some of those osage orange things.  I hear they're good for keeping spiders out of the garage.

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