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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bean Juice

Sounds appetizing doesn't it?  It's what I made in the kitchen today.  My husband had brought home a canister of gourmet beans from Costco.

"Woman, do something with these," he said.

"Um, okay."

I looked at the recipe on the canister.  Bean chili.  It sounded good.  I soaked the beans overnight, and then boiled them for two hours.  They were all ready.

Unfortunately, my husband got sick.  When anybody gets sick in my family, I give them good old fashioned Matzah Ball Soup.  It does the trick every time.  So anyway, I had this chili to make in addition to the Matzah Ball Soup.  I decided to cook them simultaneously, because I was short on time. (What else is new?)

Two big pots boiled away on the stove.  I worked on finishing the chili.  The recipe said to pour a cup of reserved bean juice into the mix.  I did.  Except it wasn't the chili mix.  It was the Matzah Ball Soup mix.  Oops.

Now my Matzah Ball Soup had a strange gray tinge to it.  "Oh well," I thought. "A little bean juice never hurt anyone."

I dished it into the bowls.  And do you know what?  My family liked it!      

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