Mama Diaries

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Big Secret

I was busy teaching a violin lesson, when my son came in to the room.  "Mama, I have a secret," he said.

"Dude, I'm trying to teach here.  Can your secret wait?'

"No.  Bend down and I'll tell you."

I bent down while he whispered his secret.  Except it was so quiet, I couldn't hear it.  "Dude, I can't hear you." I said.

He tried again.  Something about toilets.  A big hippopotamus in the toilet?  A pink elephant in the toilet?  I just couldn't tell.  "Okay," I said.  "That's nice.  Now Mommy has to teach."

He left the room, and I forgot about the secret.  Until my daughter came screaming out of the bathroom.

"Mom!  There's something in the toilet!"

Oh yeah.  The big hippopotamus.

I went to investigate.  It wasn't a hippopotamus.  But it probably smelled like one.   A shovel was required for its removal. 

How come nobody ever told me about this part of the mom job?  (Probably because it's a big secret!)  


  1. LOL first I've ever heard of shovelling things out of toilets.

    1. You wouldn't believe the stuff I've had to shovel out of the toilet!

  2. I've started to realise there's a LOT that nobody tells us about becoming parents!

  3. Oh no! The joys of being a parent.

  4. Oh the things we are never told.... Too funny!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog site, and following. :)