Mama Diaries

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One Proud Girl

My daughter has been wanting an iPod touch for a very long time.  I told her that if she wanted it, she would have to save her money.  She did.  We had her scrubbing floors and cleaning dog doo in the back yard.  She really earned her cash!

Today, after about two years of labor,  she proudly made this announcement:  "Mama, I have enough money!  Can I buy the iPod?"

"Well, yes you can," I said.  "You've worked very hard!"

We went on Amazon and she picked out a fourth generation iPod touch. 

She was ecstatic. And I was proud of her.  It was a good lesson in working hard and learning the value of money!


  1. Very good lesson and it makes it all the more rewarding when you get it too.

  2. Most kids nowadays get whatever they want even before they open their mouth! It's so awesome what you are teaching your daughter.

    Thank you for your comments and the follow. I look forward to reading you.

  3. My daughter is saving for a laptop. But, she doesn't want to do anything around the house to put toward that laptop. Good for your daughter for making a goal and reaching it.

  4. Well done to your daughter. She'll treasure that iPod - and take very good care of it.

  5. Your daughter should be very proud of herself. She set a goal and she met that goal. When a child earns the money for something they want, they treasure the item, taking much better care of it than if it had just been handed to them.

  6. Hooray for you AND your daughter! You, of course, know she will cherish that iTouch and care for it like nothing else she owns!