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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trimming Eyebrows

Before I start this story, I want to first advertise the A to Z blog challenge.  It's a great way to challenge yourself as a blogger and make new friends.  For all the details, go here.  Just a side note - I'm too chicken to do it on this blog this year. (I'm not sure my random chaos will afford itself to alphabetizing.) But I am doing it on my Gone Gardening Blog.  The fun will all start in April.  Sign-ups go through March.

Okay.  Now for the regularly scheduled pragramming:

"Mama, do I need to trim my eyebrows?" my seven-year-old son asked.

"What?"  I wasn't sure I heard him correctly.  "Trim you eyebrows?  Why in the world would you need to do that?"

"I have a long eyebrow right here," he said, tugging on his eyebrow.

I looked at the brow.  It looked just fine to me.

Just then my husband walked into the room.  He had heard my son's comment.  "Son, you don't need to trim your eyebrows until you're an old man.  Then you might be trimming eyebrows, ear hairs, and nose hairs."

My son thought about what my husband said.  "Okay.  I guess I still have two and a half years before I have to trim them."  


  1. Wow! When did old get to be so young? Haha!
    The A-Z challenge is fun stuff.

  2. Wow if 9-10 is old, I'm ancient..haha and yeah signed up for A-Z, really though it's kind of a break for me giving me something to go by instead of coming up with something new everyday.

    1. Ha! And I have a foot in the grave! I can't wait to read your A-Z posts. You're always so entertaining!

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