Mama Diaries

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sandcastles and Baseball Diamonds

Spring was in the air today, so I decided to take my kids to the local baseball diamond to hit a few balls.

My daughter was interested in swinging the bat.  My son?  He was interested in other things.  He felt the squishy wet sand of the baseball diamond under his tennis shoes.  It was the call of a sandcastle.

"Dude, what are you doing?" I asked when I saw him building a pyramid structure in the middle of the diamond.

"Building a sandcastle," he replied.

Well, I guess that was pretty obvious.

"Don't you know that people are going to play baseball here?"


"So why are you building a sandcastle?"

"Because it's fun."

So ladies and gentlemen, if you happen to find yourself at a baseball diamond in Cincinnati that's covered in sandcastles, you'll know my little guy was there, adding a little fun to the place.


  1. haha will some pitchers do think they rule, not they have their very own castle.

  2. Best reason for building a sandcastle :-)

  3. LOL, how cute. Building a sandcastle sounds like fun. I don't have any sand, but I do have LOTS of Legos. Maybe I'll spend some time being a kid again and build a Lego castle.
    : )

    1. Building a lego castle does sound kind of fun - better than putting together those 10,000 piece sets!