Mama Diaries

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Frisbee Dog

Aren't dogs supposed to, like, catch frisbees and return them to the thrower?  Our German Shepherd apparently hasn't received the memo on that.

My daughter thought she'd play a nice game of frisbee with our year-and-a -half  old beast. 

"Schultz, catch!"  She whipped the frisbee into the air.  Schultz watched .  Then he sprang into action. 

So far so good.

But then he messed up.  He decided that the frisbee must be a great neon yellow chew toy.  He plopped his big hundred pound body on top of it and proceeded to chew away.

"Schultz!  That's not what you're supposed to do!"  My daughter ran over and grabbed the slobbery chewed up thing from him.  "Let's try again."

She threw the frisbee.  He chased.  He pounced.  He chewed.

By the time he was done with that frisbee, it was reduced to a few scraps of plastic.

What a knucklehead! 


  1. We tried to teach our dog how to catch a frisbee, too - - not interested at all. I thought it would be so cool to take her to the park and take pictures of her jumping high in the air with a frisbee in her mouth. Oh well.

    And maybe Schultz just needs another son-made meal :)

    1. Yeah, I think a few more ice cubes on the plate will help.

  2. All that running is too much work, so he had to make sure he didn't have to do it anymore, eat frisbee and all is good..haha

  3. My dog's the same way. Way more interested in eating toys than fetching them.

  4. I guess he missed class that day :-)

  5. At least your daughter's tough enough to get a toy away from him. I'm not brave enough to take a chew-toy from mine, and he's a total suck!