Mama Diaries

Friday, March 23, 2012

Vomit Comet

I knew it was going to be a good day when I took my dog out to go potty this morning and he wanted to eat grass.

"Schultz, don't do that!  You're going to vomit!"  Two seconds later, the dog's tummy rumbled.  He heaved a giant heave, and white slime came out of his mouth.

I groaned.  "Told you."

I led him away from that mess and waited for him to do his business.  "Come on, Schultz!"

So what did he do?  Ate more grass of course.  "What are you, stupid?"  In response he vomitted again.

Obviously he was a little sick.

He lay around pretty much all morning.  Things changed when he spotted some paper towels I was using to clean the windows.  He decided those would be just what he needed to fix his little tummy problem.  So he ate a few.

Problem solved.  No more vomitting, and he was back to normal for the rest of the day.


  1. Hmmm maybe that is why the cat likes to eat toilet paper so much, thanks for the insight...haha

  2. Ha! I guess a little paper fiber was needed!

  3. I'll have to remember that remedy next time I'm sick ;-)

  4. I'll have to try eating paper towels when I'm vomiting. Seems like a good home cure. That is a funny story!

  5. LOL I didn't know that paper towels were a substitute for Pepto-Bismol!

  6. Yeah, I think I'm going to try ingesting paper towels (or toilet paper) next time my tummy is a little upset.

  7. This is interesting because in Jamaica, when dogs aren't in wonderful health, they eat grass and it makes them vomit. We think there's some method to their madness. :)

    From that perspective, I'm guessing that maybe Schultz knew what to do to get whatever he needed to off his stomach.