Mama Diaries

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sillies at Suppertime

I don't know what got into my kids, but the minute they stepped off that school bus, it was nothing but silliness.  The giggles and stupid behavior continued at dinner time.

"Dude," I said to my son, who was piling ziti noodles on his head.  "What exactly are you doing?'

"I'm a noodle head!"

"Yeah you are.  Now kindly remove the noodles from your hair."

He obliged.  Two seconds later, he was up to more mischief.

He speared a matzah ball from his soup with a straw.  The things were a little dense (don't blame me - my husband made them this time.), so they didn't fall apart.  Next thing I knew, my son had a matzah ball microphone.

"Bubba," I said, as he belted out a song.  "We're not doing karaoke at the dinner table.  Disassemble the microphone." 

He didn't disassemble it, but he ate it.  So I guess that was good enough.

Meanwhile, my daughter was laughing so hard, she was snorting soup out of her nose.

What the heck?  Have my children not learned anything about good table manners?


  1. Sounds like an extremely fun and memorable dinner! Love those giggles and silliness!

  2. LOL what are table manners compared to fun

  3. *LOL* I'd be laughing hard enough just at the noodle head comment!

    1. It was completely out of hand. I don't know where my kid comes up with this stuff!

  4. LOL I commend you for keeping a mostly straight face.

  5. It's good to have fun at dinner. Just don't take them anywhere. :)

    1. Exactly. After that episode I won't be taking them anywhere soon!