Mama Diaries

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Garden Helper

These last few days I've been outside weeding in my gardens.  It's surprising how quickly a little sunshine and heat can make weeds sprout.  My big old German Shepherd likes to help.  Mostly by getting in the way.

Today he actually made himself useful.  I had been trying to get out a stubborn Locust tree root.  It was embedded in my vegetable garden, and for the life of me I could not pull it up.  I used all of my weight on that thing.  Schultz saw me struggling, so he decided to help.

"Go on, boy," I said.  "Pull that thing out."

He went nuts on that root.  He tugged and thrashed until the thing was in shreds.  I'm not sure if he got it out, but I'm pretty sure that it won't be springing back to life any time soon.

"Thanks, Schultz!"  I said. 

He wagged his tail.  I gave him a treat.  Turns out the hundred pound varmint is useful, after all!


  1. One German Shepherd named Schultz is better than three children who shall remain nameless!!

  2. Good helper, you have. I chuckled when yo said "it won't be springing back to life anytime soon.

  3. Congrats for all the books you've published.

  4. Good boy Schultz! He's trying to make up for some of the naughty things he's done in the past. : )

  5. haha a great helper, now let's hope he doesn't decide to chew everything else up too.

    1. Yeah, that's the only problem with him. (Well, not the only!) If he messes with my hydrangeas again, he's going to be in the dog house!

  6. I love this!! Congrats on the books :)

  7. Hi Sherry! Thanks for following me. This post had me chuckling because my dog (who is also my icon picture) does the exact same thing. He's only twenty pounds, but if I go out into the yard with clippers, he'll leap in and pull down anything I'm trying to trim back. It can be...excessive.